Sunday, September 6, 2009

Gotta Love Dummy Books

Being a nerd when I go to buy a car I am obviously not going to buy a stick shift car. I have no need to buy a car because of its accelerated abilities when I have no clue as to how to shift one, nor do I care to learn. The same logic applies to computers. When someone who doesn't really care to learn about how their computers work, or who simply does not want to have to maintain the system, and keep up a firewall etc. they will go with a Mac (at least you would expect them to but many still stubbornly go with PC). It made me laugh when I saw a book that was labeled "Mac For Dummies" because it's an ironic statement in itself. None of this is saying anything bad about Macs, just simply that Windows are for computer lovers, and Macs are for people who simply need to use a computer. As for the next Dummy book I saw.... just...
wow, yeah. The next book they will come out with is "How To Read For Dummies".

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